DTA training and educations options include:

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Note on Access

DTA services and resources can be classified into two broad categories of access


This category is free and includes the range of on-line resources from DTA website, and eLearning course. It also includes many of the facilitated activities such as workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and webinars.

On request

This category includes services that are typically available following an assessment of the needs of the organisation, or individual. It includes requests (or referral) for tailored training packages (TTP), which comprise a customised program of services and resources.

Note on third party suppliers of training

DTA can provide recommendations to third party services and resources, which have been reviewed by the DTA. This ensures that DTA clients have access to an extremely wide range of Australian and overseas resources so that their individual needs can be met through the provision of the best available materials.

Note on Training Accreditation

All DTA training activities attract either continuous professional development hours or a vocational level. These will be clearly marked and, where relevant, certificates of attendance or completion will be provided.