What does a person with dementia look like? – Guest Lecture John Quinn & Glenys Petrie

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Guest Lecture March 28 2017

Living Well With Dementia

It took 9 years from when John Quinn’s partner Glenys Petrie first became concerned about the subtle changes in John’s behaviour and personality, for him to be diagnosed with Dementia: Alzheimer’s of the Familial Type. John was still in his fifties. He’s now endeavouring to live well with dementia and both John and Glenys are strong advocates about many aspects of Dementia. They both believe that a Dementia diagnosis doesn’t only affect the person diagnosed – it affects everyone involved. This lecture is about John’s journey and his life beyond a YOD diagnosis.

John Quinn & Glenys Petrie

Lifelong learning and continuing education are valued concepts to both John and Glenys, which they themselves embrace. John was a School Principal/Deputy Principal in large Primary Schools, whereas Glenys taught younger children, with the philosophy that this was a time to learn skills for life. Now, they educate others locally and internationally; on research committees and involvement in policy making.