Caring for People Who Wander – Guest Lecture Materials

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Guest Lecture presented by Dr Margaret MacAndrew & Deborah Brooks  May 9 2017

Carers of people with dementia who wander and live in the community have reported that they experience anxiety and burden associated with the fear that the person with dementia could become lost or injured while walking independently.

With limited guidelines carers have resorted to using extreme measures such as physical restraint and constant supervision to try to maintain safety. These reports have promoted us to review the current literature around strategies to manage wandering in the community and to develop a resource for carers based on current evidence.


Dr Margaret MacAndrew & Deborah Brooks

Dr Margaret MacAndrew is an RN and academic from the School of Nursing at QUT. While working in residential aged care and caring for people with dementia, she developed an interest in finding more effective ways of caring for people with dementia, in particular those who wander. While much of her work looks at supporting people with dementia who wander in residential care, she is also interested in developing resources that enhance quality of life of carers and people with dementia still living in the community.

Deborah Brooks is a researcher and project officer at the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre: Carers and Consumers at QUT. Her work focuses on improving the quality of life and care of people with dementia and their carers in both community and residential aged care settings. Previous work in the UK focused on assistive technology for people with dementia and their family carers living in the community. She is currently involved in a number of systematic reviews.