Copyright: Australian Journal of Dementia Care ( Vol 5 No 3 June/July 2016. Reprinted with the permission of Hawker Publications Australia Pty Ltd.

This resource uses the 10 Dementia Enabling Environment Principles developed by Professor Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett at the University of Wollongong ( to provide guidance in designing new and refurbished inpatient units to accommodate people with dementia.

Developed by ACI (the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation) in collaboration with the Confused Hospitalised Older Persons (CHOPS) steering committee, it’s based on evidence-based practice and expert opinion and offers a systematic approach to assessing existing inpatient units and planning refurbishments.

The publication describes the 10 key principles that define an appropriate physical environment for people with dementia in hospital and the use of audit tools to help identify areas for improvement.

This resource is freely available at:

Image credit: excerpt of resource cover, copyright Agency for Clinical Innovation 2014