Lost and Found Seminar, Melbourne

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24 Nov 2017

DTA is pleased to collaborate in the presentation of this one day seminar focusing on unexplained absences of residential aged care residents.

Unexplained absences of residential aged care residents, often referred to as absconding, eloping and wandering,or leave without notification is one of the most challenging issues related to the care of older people. The issue of “to lock or not” poses challenges for the care provider when trying to balance safety with independence.

Understanding how to manage leave without notification of residential aged care residents will become more acute as the population ages. Which is worse, the psychological impact of being locked in versus the physical risk of leaving?

Presented by Monash University, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, this educational seminar will be run by experienced leaders in the field of aged care practice, law and policy; as well as search and rescue.

The topics covered include the nature and extent of unexplained absences; ethics and legal issues; management approach across different aged care providers, the death and injury outcomes in Australia; and the search and rescue efforts.

Please see the flyer for a full list of the speakers and topics.

This forum is designed for aged care managers, care staff, nurses, medical practitioner, allied health and other healthcare professionals.

Please note: there is a registration cost for this co-hosted event.

Download Event Flyer

Seminar speakers and topics are listed on the flyer

Registration is essential. Cost: Early Bird Fee: $165 incl. GST (rate expires 7 October); Standard Fee: $210 incl. GST. Catering will be provided. Please contact Melissa Gillespie with any enquiries +61 3 9903 0891

Email: crepatientsafety@monash.edu

Phone: +61 3 9903 0891

  • Registrations Open: 30 Sep 2017
  • Registrations Close: 17 Nov 2017
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AMREP Lecture Theatre The Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP)
75 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia