Copyright: Australian Journal of Dementia Care ( Vol 5 No 5 October/November 2016. Reprinted with the permission of Hawker Publications Australia Pty Ltd.

Dementia Evidence Toolkit is a comprehensive free web tool providing easy access to research evidence on dementia care and treatment. It brings together more than 3000 empirical journal articles and 700 systematic reviews, each coded according to the type of dementia, care setting, outcome measured, type of intervention and country of study or authors.

It has a searchable database and provides plain-language summaries of research findings for care and treatment interventions and a rating for each. The summaries look at: why is the intervention important, does it work, how strong is the evidence, how much does it cost and is it cost-effective. It also indicates which interventions require further research.

The toolkit was developed by researchers at The London School of Economics and Political Science’s Personal Social Services Research Unit as part of the MODEM (Modelling the Outcome and Cost Impacts of Interventions for Dementia) project.

It can be accessed freely at


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