Dementia Training Australia case study profiled at Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Chicago

A case study on Dementia Training Australia’s work with Scalabrini Village is featured in the program Every Three Seconds, a collaboration between ADI and ITN Productions which highlights the fact that someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia every three seconds.

A project to provide more meaningful long-distance connection between residents

In Victoria we worked with Homestyle Aged Care Services on Fellowships for four managers based at different sites. Each manager led a site-based project.

One of the fellows, Julie Gray, worked with her Lifestyle Manager Alana OKeefe to lead a project to provide more meaningful long-distance connection between residents living with dementia and their families by trialling video chat and Skype calls in a 15-bed, dementia-specific unit.

Residents were enthusiastic about sharing parts of their life stories that the calls had triggered, and this in turn helped staff learn more about the residents

victorian fellowship case study dementia training australia

Alana OKeefe with resident Elizabeth Walker

The View from Here encourages the learner to understand the experience of a busy hospital from the perspective of a person living with dementia.

Maryborough Hospital was one of four Queensland hospitals to trial The View from Here as part of a Tailored Training Package.

Kim Pointon, Nurse Unit Manager, said: “DTA conducted a training needs analysis for our sub-acute ward and education for staff was identified as a high priority. We were excited to discover The View from Here was being released.

“We were seeking training that would give staff an understanding of the physiological and clinical aspects of dementia, to assist them to see beyond behaviours and consider the underlying pathological processes of dementia.”

We also wanted training that would take participants on a journey and build empathy for the experience of living with dementia.

The View From Here Dementia Training Australia case study

Patient Alice Ward

Reducing the number of antipsychotic medications used to support people with responsive behaviours.

The Dementia Training Australia (DTA) Medication Management Consultancy (MMC) is an evidence-based service that aims to embed knowledge and processes to optimise the use of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours.

Baptistcare’s Dryandra aged care facility in Kellerberrin, a regional community in Western Australia, successfully completed the first DTA MMC in August this year.

“The consultancy aims to strengthen bonds between professions to utilise knowledge and skills from a wide range of people, and this is something the Dryandra staff have embraced and excelled in.”

Medication management consultancy Dementia Training Australia DTA

Dryandra Staff Members

dementia tailored training packages for organisations dta

Working together to improve wellbeing for people with dementia and the staff who care for them.

Our TTPs are designed to bring about sustainable change within organisations to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia and the staff who care for them.