Copyright: Australian Journal of Dementia Care ( Vol 4 No 2 April/May 2015. Reprinted with the permission of Hawker Publications Australia Pty Ltd.

Care’N’Share is a website created to share stories of good practice and encourage reflection and creative thinking to achieve good person-centred practice in older adult care.

The team behind the website includes Professor Neil Maiden, who leads the research at City University London to develop new forms of digital support for care of older people with dementia.

The website, for people working with and caring for older adults and people with dementia, provides access to information about good care practices in residential, live-in, acute, day service and family care. Users write a brief description of the current care situation they are encountering and the site automatically retrieves case studies of good care practices relating to that situation. It then guides the user to reflect and create new ideas and a new care plan for their situation.

The website is still evolving and the number of available care practice cases still growing, so the most relevant cases may not be available every time. There is also an option for users to contribute their stories of experiences in care to continue the website’s growth.


Image credit: Care n Share logo from resource website